Top stress busting gadgets

When we are stressed, we tend to annoy our friends and family, most of the time without even realizing it. There are those who bite their nails, those who stamp their feet on the ground without stopping, those who click with a pen, and those who nibble at any time … or even these famous unbearable finger crunching.

In short, it is not always pleasant to live with a stressed person, and even less for the neighbors of office or in public transport! Since more than 2 in 3 French people say they experience regular stress, there is no doubt that these situations are not unknown to you. 

So far, what were you doing to manage this stress? Some will find their answer in yoga, others in cigarettes … There is a thousand and one solution to try to manage these daily problems. Some have even done in originality since they have developed a bubble wrap jumpsuit at any time in case of stress.

There are many methods today that provide well-being and relaxation, and we have chosen to offer you a selection of small gadgets that have proven themselves.


To be fair, WellBe’s goal is to monitor your heart rate and send you an alert on your smartphone when it feels like you’re in a state of stress (based on an algorithm that determines your level of stress and your level of stress). serenity) according to the time, place and people you met during the day.

Only later, in the eleventh century, will appear the idea of extracting the active ingredients of plants by distillation.

Aromatherapy is a branch of herbal medicine (phyto = plants and therapy = healing). It consists in collecting the active principles of the plants by a complex process of steam distillation to recover the liquid and concentrated form that we know and called “essential oil”. It is not a question of “fat body” strictly speaking but of an infinity of active molecules.
Each essential oil has a particular chemical composition called “chemo type”. It is defined according to the environment of the plant, the soil, the exposure to the sun, the temperature, its resistance against bad weather, etc …


Thanks to its 6 surfaces, the Fidget Cube is the best way to evacuate stress. Equipped with 6 different gadgets, it gives the power to the most anxious to get rid of all negative waves!


By its size, the trilobedBestidy is easy to carry and will be your best companion in all the stressful situations you will face! It also helps concentration and reflection.


The classic that has proven itself. These small foam balls can easily fight stress. Perfect for the home or office, say goodbye to your anxieties!


You must have already experienced this massage device cranial provides a deep well-being. It helps with relaxation and stress reduction. We know that you already imagine this fabulous device browse your scalp! .


A Japanese anti-stress work! In addition to being able to fight stress, you can have fun changing the facial expressions of these balls to your liking. Nothing beats a small dose of fun to relax!


This small interactive object does not only exist to help you get rid of stress. With small magnetic balls, you can make a wide variety of shapes. This technique also promotes intellectual development! Relaxation and reflection are the watchwords of this anti-stress cube. Shake hands with your anxieties and say “goodbye!” ” Once and for all.


Based on acupressure therapy, the traditional Chinese balls have been proven in the field of medicine. They increase blood circulation and stimulate the nervous system to relax and relieve any accumulated stress. Become your own masseur with these little jewels!


If you are a person at the same time stressed and amateur of science-fiction, the happiness is assured. Relax by kneading this 100% authentic Cthulhu figure, the fantastic creature from Howard Phillips Lovecraft’s literary work.


These small bunches of rubber grapes offer a triple result. Just squeeze the spongy balloon to feel a psychic and physical relaxation and a better blood circulation. Are you ready to feel good about your body?


This small metal device is a boon for all those wanting to quit, reduce anxiety, facilitate meditation and stop boredom. Usable during the night thanks to its luminous character, all your moments of stress will have an answer and a solution! Here relaxation.


Tangle, the anti-stress toy and fun! Have fun replicating any form thanks to the malleability of this amazing object.
After this overview of gadgets that can help you reduce stress, remember that certain lifestyle habits are essential to get rid of tension: eat well, sleep well, practice a regular sports activity, force yourself to keep time to do things you like and … laugh!
Concentrate on the good side of life (there’s always one) and when you’re caught in the traffic, try to sing loudly instead of cursing other motorists and the weather!