How different cultures treat anxiety

Everyone experiences anxiety one day or another. Feeling a little anxiety is quite normal. Anxiety protects us and can help us cope with a disturbing or possibly dangerous situation. Anxiety is felt as a fear whose cause is difficult to specify. This feeling is accompanied by physical symptoms and sometimes also psychological symptoms.

It is natural to feel some level of anxiety in certain occasions, for example when you are experiencing a major life change such as a marriage or divorce. It is also normal to be anxious the day before an exam, when you have a job interview or during a sporting event. Anxiety is then linked to particular events and usually disappears as soon as life returns to normal.

In a healthy person who lives in a healthy environment, energy flows smoothly. But any disruption will cause an energetic “traffic jam” or organ damage that results in insomnia, anxiety, nervousness and stress. Thanks to an in-depth assessment of your condition, we will be able to determine the energy imbalance that underlies the stress. We must find where it blocks. The consultation will begin with a very difficult interview, which will analyze the characteristics of the symptoms and your general condition. Everything is reviewed, sleep, the condition of hair and nails, digestive, pulmonary, heart problems, coldness, sweating, etc. Follows a clinical examination with a study of the tongue and pulse

Chinese medicine has an unheard-of capacity to revive the “living” forces of the individual, the vital impetus, the sagacity of the spirit.

It is as if the acupuncture points operated a deep cleansing of internal and external sludge.

Schematically, the spirits “Gui” represent our instinct of self destruction (for example, sabotage in certain situations.

This does not prevent, on the contrary, to do work with a psychiatrist or a psychotherapist, it can even help remarkably to remove some dams or cuirasses mental and physical conscientiously set up by the person over the years.

In parallel, the person will have to learn to relax because any problem always has a solution but it is the agitation of the mind (often represented by a little monkey jumping from one idea to another in Buddhism) which prevents to see and build the solution.


Attempting to control stress or anxiety can be a challenge. Many people will decide to turn to drugs, like CBD Patches. Unfortunately, these solution sometimes has its share of side effects.

Fortunately, there are other solutions such as psychotherapy, hypnosis, herbal medicine, meditation, relaxation and breathing exercises, yoga, Qi Gong and acupuncture, of course.

Yin-yang Acupuncture can also be complementary to taking medication; there are no interactions between taking medication for anxiety or depression and acupuncture, there is however increasing evidence that CBD Oil UK does have a positive impact on anxiety.

In terms of Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture’s basic goal is to restore the balance between Yin and Yang of all systems (Liver, Heart, Spleen, Lung and Kidney).

In the subject that concerns us, the Yin is associated among others with calm, rest, cold. Yang is associated with activity, stress and heat. In Western terms, acupuncture can restore the balance between the sympathetic (activity, stress) and parasympathetic (rest, relaxation) system.

The acupuncturist chooses the acupuncture points taking into account all the symptoms of the person and thus offers an individualized treatment. Acupuncture treatments are specific and tailored to each person.

Acupuncture treatments can somehow regulate the nervous system. Acupuncture provides a general relaxation effect, but beyond that the treatments are specific and provide more than just relaxation: its effects are cumulative and can have a profound effect on stress and anxiety.

Many techniques can help to find an inner well-being, a calm like cardiac coherence, Yoga, sophrology, accompanied meditation.

Not to mention the walks at Mother Nature but also sharing, play, joy with her children, family and friends.

The practice of Yi King, the oldest book of Humanity, can serve as a decision aid in the face of a choice since the choice proceeds by elimination and it can worry (“I am afraid to be wrong!”).

CBD Vape oil UK was used for many years for the relieving anxiety and depression mixing carrier oils such as MCT with full spectrum CBD and CBD Isolate UK to create a home made cheaper method of getting CBD in your system, in fact this was one of the first uses of the cannabis plants, Brazilian scientists conducted a study of patients with generalized social anxiety. Participants noted a noticeable drop in anxiety after consuming CBD. The researchers then validated patients’ subjective reports using brain scans indicating a uniform cerebral blood flow, so without anxiety.

Scientists have also tested patients with social anxiety disorders. These patients were asked to simulate speaking in public. They noted an extremely low level of anxiety after receiving CBD treatment. These findings are based on real anxiety symptoms, and supported by medical tests, such as blood pressure and heart rate. The researchers concluded that disposable CBD pen from places like CBD Oil King significantly reduces the cognitive impairments, anxiety, and discomfort experienced during public speaking.